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Mastretta Bikes is the new Mexican effort of the brothers Mastretta, to create and produce light transport vehicles according to the new urban mobility paradigms.

We are vehicle manufacturers since 1987

Since 1987, our team has created innovative and successful vehicles of various types including buses, utility vehicles and the Mastretta MXT sports two-seater.

Mastretta Bikes has the necessary value chain to produce an eBike. It incorporates all the processes, from the concept and development of the prototypes to the assembly of the production units.

Proudly Mexican

The country with the highest manufacturing efficiency among OECD members is Mexico. Its metalworking production infrastructure is first class and the commercial opening of the country allows us to have access to the best components. Result: a well-made, innovative product, useful in the world market, at competitive costs.

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  • Alfonso Caso Andrade 66-5B
    Colonia Aguilas Pilares
    Alcaldía Alvaro Obregón, CP 01710
    CDMX, México
  • +52 1 (55) 8913 7855
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