Design and Innovation

Why a tilting trike?

MX3 is designed to be electric. The trike configuration allows the motor and battery to be placed in the lowest position, and creates new functional spaces. Being tiltable maintains the advantages of the bicycle, essential for light transport: maneuverability, dynamism, autonomy, dimensions and load capacity.

MX3 optimizes these concepts:

  • Handling: its tilting tricycle concept allows a dynamic and precise dynamic behavior, similar to a bicycle.
  • Dynamics: the dynamic behavior, similar to that of the traditional bicycle, is more comfortable and maneuverable at low speed, and more fun, exciting and safe at a higher speed.
  • Autonomy: Its unique chassis design allows the batteries to be placed in the lowest section of the chassis, with enough volume for autonomies of up to 200 km.
  • Dimensions: MX3 has much higher load capacity, without being larger than a traditional bicycle.
  • Its total width of 67 cm allows it to fit through any door.
  • Load capacity: MX3 offers front, center and rear spaces. It carries more cargo than a bicycle and distributes it better without losing maneuverability.

By including electric propulsion, MX3 is 5 to 6 times more powerful than the traditional bicycle, but qualifies as a bicycle in any city and country. MX3 is also easily transportable in bicycle racks.


Made in Mexico

The country with the highest manufacturing efficiency among the members of the OECD is Mexico. Its metalworking production infrastructure is first class and the commercial opening of the country allows us to have access to the best components.